April 17, 2018

5 Tips Every Groom Should Know | Arizona Wedding Photographers

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Congratulations! You’re getting married! For some brides, from the moment they get engaged, they are planning and pinning their dream day. However, for grooms, there are not as many resources. We know that grooms have questions, expectations, and likely some nerves when anticipating their wedding day. Below are 5 things every groom should know from your Arizona wedding photographers, Alicia and Matt of Make It Happen Photography!

1. You ready for Tip #1? Don’t stress. This is the most exciting time of your life. Push aside all the standard guy jokes about the ol’ ball & chain and realize you found her. HER. The one! And she actually said yes to you! That’s awesome. Now is a great time to start showing her what an amazing husband you are going to be by enjoying your engagement with her. This isn’t ‘her thing’. It’s an ‘our thing’. She’s planning the greatest 1st day of your marriage ever. Show her you are excited about it. Sure you’re not a “planner type of guy”. That doesn’t matter because it’s likely she is. So you lucked out to be marrying this incredible woman who is going to create the best party you’ve ever been to in your life! Get excited. Say yes to all the cake tastings and yes to one more look at her favorite wedding magazine. Show her compassion the few times it all feels a little overwhelming and encourage her when she’s stuck on whether to choose red roses or pink ones. At least you know choosing your wedding photographer will be easy!

2. If you and your Bride are not writing your own vows for the wedding ceremony, write her a card about what this day means to you. Don’t write it the night before the wedding or an hour before. And it does not have to be perfect. What would you say to her if there were no vows already prepared for you? I’m guessing something along the lines of how beautiful you think she is and you don’t know how on earth you got so lucky to get her for the rest of your life. You’ll probably mention one of your favorite memories around the time you fell in love and you’ll wrap it up with how you can’t wait to see her in THAT dress.  Write it now when you have time to really think about how much she means to you. You’ll have your best man deliver it during the getting ready part of the wedding day.

3. There are so many decisions to make about a wedding day. From the reception details like chicken or beef, how to decorate the tables and more, to the videography and to the music the DJ will play. Help your bride out by listening to her thoughts on all these aspects and maybe picking one of them that interests you. What if you handled choosing a signature drink to serve? Or maybe you’re interested in researching a great list of wedding reception songs? Pick one of the tasks and partner up with your bride to alleviate some of the decision making she has. It will get you brownie points when she’s having the time of her life at the reception dancing to songs you picked with the drink you created in her hand. Win-win!

4. Having a hard time selecting that perfect thank you gift for your groomsmen? We’ve got you covered! Check us out on Pinterest! We have a board dedicated to gift ideas for the Wedding Party.

5. Have all your important items together on your wedding day so your Arizona wedding photographer can grab quick pictures of these details. These items include your wedding shoes, tie, cufflinks, watch, cologne or any other wedding day details you plan to have on you.

We wish you all the best during this magical time! If you are looking for a husband and wife team to photograph your wedding day, please get in touch! We would be honored to capture your wedding.















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  1. Kimber says:

    Great tips! I especially like #2!

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